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The bestselling author, coach, yoga and mindfulness instructor Sussanne Wexø, is an incredibly inspirational woman.
She manages to combine all of her many talents at her Life Mastery Academy – located in the center of Copenhagen
– a place of knowledge and empowerment for women of all ages.
The courses cater to self-development, acknowledging your own true power to better facilitate future female leaders.
Together with Sussanne, the women on the course come together to help each other establish new successful life paths.

Please tell me about your upbringing and how you ended up as a successful woman in Coaching, Mindfulness, Yoga, Life Mastery…well the list is long!

I love people and people’s diversity, and I think it has created an international base in my upbringing already from my childhood since I grew up in a family who traveled a lot.
I have always been asking the big questions about life, and I have ever searched for the answers.
I have a deep longing for understanding the human potential for development, and I have combined several professions and an educational background in positive psychology, NLP, coaching, and Mindfulness, to reach for new solutions.
I have built an entire educational program for human development, and I currently work mostly with women needing a new perspective. In my life, I have followed my heart and taken one crucial step at a time.

What does Life Mastery mean to you? How did you come up with the name and education?

I developed the education gradually, just taking the best from all of my training, and adding the latest research.
During a transcended meditation, the name suddenly came to me, and I began working on the program right away.
I later found out that that the iconic coach Tony Robbins had a training program with a similar name. It challenged me significantly in the beginning, but now I have reached a stage of complete peace in regards to my concept. Tony’s courses have since changed names several times, so I’m happy that the name has stayed with me.

Do you have a favourite tool or method you use when improving someone’s goals or ambitions?

I have a lot of incredible tools, and that’s what I teach at Life Mastery Academy.
My favourite tool is always about connecting the conscious mind with the subconscious.
I love using energy work, mindfulness, and NLP methods while playing with invisible mentors who can guide us directly to our goals and open our ambitions. I love a tool that I call Stairway to Success, where you walk into your most beautiful potential.
I also like the unique form of “Mirror Work” that we do. It’s all about using the power of now, shadow work, light work, healing and the gaining further knowledge about the deeper meaning of life.

Do you have a morning ritual that others might benefit from incorporating into their life?

Yes, I start with a personal grounding session. Then I draw cards “Life Mirrors”, and afterward, I do yoga with body flow techniques, always finalising my session with deep meditation.
Every day I send affirmations to my day, and I end the entire day with gratitude.

Many lives today are incredibly stressful; do you have some strategies that we can all apply when learning how to cope with stress? 

Coping with stress is a very personal journey. It’s about getting to know oneself and to trust your limits.
If we get better at recognising our true selves, we will not be addicted to the recognition from others. Our body uses stress as a warning system. We can use it positively, but we must first learn to listen to our deeper self and love all within. It is usually very perfectionistic people who push themselves, ending up completely burned out. Please tell yourself that you are doing your best. AND remember to say that every day!

If a reader would like to join your courses, how would you prepare them mentally for the Life Mastery Course?

I would tell them that they will meet the most incredible kind of love, openness and not judgment.
The course is the place where they can find freedom and return to their true identity.
The Life Mastery Course is a place of safety and quiet exploration of the human potential.
I am very authentic and I co-work with the universe.
I meditate and trust that the right women are going to find their way and I use the fantastic law of attraction.
The Life Mastery Course is the most beautiful foundation for personal growth. After that, you can attend the Coach training program. I also train professional Mindfulness Instructors, Mirror Facilitators, and Mind & Spirit Mentors.

Read more about the course here

Do you have any advice for women wishing to build a successful company?

Yes, be authentic and share your dreams and your knowledge. A lot of women devalue themselves, due to the fear of judgment. We tend to please others way too much, instead of choosing to listen to our real wants and desires.
We need to open our hearts towards honesty and share our desire directly from our heart.
The new paradigm is all about using female intuition and the power of self-creation. Together we can build successful companies if we stay conscious and work with awareness in regards to our sensitivity, intuition, and feelings. If we then live our lives, with that knowledge, we will manage to manifest and build a real and authentic success.

What is your mantra – and how do you apply it to your daily life?

My mantra believes that your thoughts and feelings create your life – therefore choose your ideas and answers with your heart. My mantra for the Life Mastery course entails love, openness, and no judgment. I also use my invisible mentor; Jack Sparrow – Louise Hay and Osho. They are always with me.

You created a beautiful diary, is it available internationally – and are planning more book projects?

Yes, the book will be available internationally, hopefully very soon. I’m also planning a personal mindfulness journal and a fascinating book about the unique Life Mirrors.

What is one of the most useful tools that you teach on the Life Mastery course?

The most important tool is to show that we are all co-creators of our own lives. We are not victims, and we all manifest our reality through thoughts and feelings. We can visualise our happiness and success, and we can create incredible changes and transformations in our lives – if we only believe. We are our own Life Mastery Masters. No one knows our way, better than ourselves.

What are your personal goals and wishes regarding your future as a coach, author, teacher, facilitator, life master?

I dream of creating an international foundation and institute of empowering Life Mastery Masters, that helps others live out their dreams, goals, and visions. Publishing many foreign books – maybe at Hay House publishing – and I dream about making incredible international events for women all over the world. I imagine a life filled with balance and peace – and living a long and happy life with my family and the people I love. I dream of living in a world where people are conscious and where we all develop together from love, peace, and understanding, in a new modern way!



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