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“I highly recommend Sussanne’s educations at Life Mastery Academy.
She is so super talented, experienced and one of the most loving and authentic people I know.
Sussanne has so very much good at heart, she offers deeply transformative tools and can heal people at a very High Level!
I am personally very inspired by Sussanne`s way of being in the world and is so relieved and happy for all the good work she does.
The world seriously need more of her feminine soft and caring way of being! Spirituality with wisely and high insight!
I wish and hope for total flow and prosperity for all that Sussanne sends out.”

The most beautiful gift I have ever given myself!
“Sussanne Wexø create the safest, most loving and magical environment for self-development on the Life Mastery program. Here you learn to love yourself, to be in love with life, follow your intuition and to choose to live life from your heart. It is the most beautiful gift I have ever given myself, and I’m Sussanne deeply grateful.”

“Thank you is just a word – but quite significant.
I am so glad that I went to the Life Mastery Academy Copenhagen – I love everything you stand for and your silky voice.
Life Mastery Master – who would not love to be master of life?
I would, – and now I have a tool box so great – filled with love, insights, new friends, great exercises for self-coaching, self-esteem and confidence in top condition. Now I got the courage and plenty of desire to continue this development journey in me. What makes this self-development trip unique is Sussanne Wexø, she creates with her warm-hearted love a room with room for everyone.
I highly recommend going on this beautiful journey of life – a unique masterpiece is created, and you will never regret it.”

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