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I have no doubt that I have taken the best coach training!
“Sussanne is an angel on Earth.
She has so much wisdom that she passes on to her education.
I am so happy and grateful that I took the Life Mastery Master and coach training afterwards. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
I have no doubt that I have taken the best coach training.
Sussanne is so nice, calm and meets you exactly where you are – in the most loving way.”

“My heart chose the Life Mastery Master Coach program because I believe that I, as a professional coach must have been in the process myself, and learned through my own life experiences before helping others in life. I have now returned from the most beautiful inner journey – the wildest gift of love I’ve ever given myself! My biggest change and insight during the program is that I feel hole again. I have released my fears and the need to please others. I now adapt myself to feel loved and recognized. I am my own master and light of my life. I have found my life purpose, and I navigate by my heart. I trust now, that I will not settle for just a flash of light – I want ‘it all!”

“Life Mastery Master Coach Training has been an in-depth journey into myself with amazing exercises, assignments and an impressive manual. This unique travel in myself, gave me the belief to follow my heart and my intuition, even when I sometimes have doubts. I have now the courage to stand by ME, and dare to be me. I now let my light shine and I am proud of who I am. Life Mastery is a wonderful trip that just gets even more beautiful afterwards. I feel it is a process that lasts a lifetime. Sussanne created a openhearted space and there is no doubt about her huge heart warm while she is professional in an indescribably wonderful and loving way. The journey requires that you work with yourself and devote the time needed to your own process. I highly recommend this education for YOU yourself, you will never regret ” 

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